What I do. Simply.

I was asked to give a five minute talk describing what I do at a conference of people who study similar things as I do. Specifically, I was asked to give a talk describing modeling using only the 1000 most common English words used.  They gave two web sites, which don’t match each other exactly, but one is the list and one is a page in which you can enter text and it will tell you which words are “less simple”. (I copied and pasted all of the words from the list into the simplewriter web page and it spit out a ton of them.  So, I made sure that all of my words were not “less simple”.  This is a new fad in science, since it is sort of fun to try to explain what you do using vocabulary that everyone understands.  The problem is that sometimes you have to jump through some very big hoops to say simple things like “model”. The original idea creator of this has a book called Thing Explainer.

Anyways, hopefully you get the idea.  Here is a description of my occupation, only using some of the most common words in the English language:

My Job

I like to explain the hot air in space with a computer: space whether (funny because it is the wrong word! 🙂

It is fun, but hard. When the computer does not agree with another approach, it does not make me happy (like sh*t).

One thing to note: the sun does knock off some tiny bit from some air and does give it power. Other air – not so much. Air down low doesn’t have much power. Air up high does. Tiny air bit from space does hit air and does give it power too. Air does move fast. It is hot.

How to explain the hot air and space with a computer?

Break the hot air way up in the sky (or space) into a box and another box and another box and another box and another box…

Then idea is: First consider how fast air does move in one direction, then another, and another. Then consider how much air is fast and slow at the same time (hot or cold). Consider how much air will hit other air and air with a tiny bit taken off. Look at how some air does turn into other air. Then how thick the air is and how much has a tiny bit taken off. Pass to another computer. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat. Like. A Lot. Write out. Draw picture. Another picture. Another.

Do a dance when it does work. Good me.

Give a little cry when it doesn’t. Stupid computer.

Say “My air and space thought computer is the best!”

Show movie of air to work people.

Ask for money. Cry. Because no money.